Making it easy to use, save, and share the perfect development environment.

Speed up your development with rx: a command-line tool that supercharges developers. New developers can have a working environment in seconds, not hours. Developers can continue to use all of their favorite tools while having an execution environment that just works.

Run remotely by prefixing commands with rx

Want your project to have a working environment with one command?

Develop faster

rx is a command-line tool that takes all the pain of cloud development and makes it more pleasant than local development.

When you run a command through rx, all of your local changes are automatically synced to the cloud, where the command is run, and then outputs are copied back to your local machine. rx hosts your environment on preallocated cloud instances, so you never have to worry about setup or teardown.

Once you have your environment set up the way you like, you can save it and restore it with one command. You can also share it with others, so they can have a perfect environment in one command.

No ops required.
Just code and run. Machines are already configured and standing by.
Run, tweak, and run again: your cloud environment persists between runs.
Your machine is fully isolated from everyone else's to maximize security and performance.
Use one of the built-in Docker images or supply your own as a base environment.
Only be charged for compute you use—no need to shut down or reinitialize GPU instances.
Ever wonder what ./configure pooped out all over your filesystem? Get complete visibility.

From zero to cloud in under a minute

Check out the getting started guide to go from local development to running on the cloud in seconds, not hours.