rx hosts instances on your behalf, so after you exhaust your free trial quota you'll need to create a subscription to continue using rx's cloud.
On-prem options are also available, contact for pricing info.

Sign up/cancel

rx's philosophy is to be as developer-friendly as possible. Subscribe by running:
$ rx subscribe
Subscriptions can be cancelled hassle-free at any time by running:
$ rx unsubscribe
...but if you prefer the personal touch, feel free to reach out to with any questions or issues.


You must create a subscription to continue using rx after your free quota expires. A subscription has two parts:
  • A base subscription: this is charged monthly regardless of usage and covers any and all CPU usage ($19.99/month).
  • An hourly-metered subscription: this is only charged if you use a GPU instance and is calculated based on when you've run commands ($3/hour).
The monthly subscription fee allows you access rx's pool of private CPU instances. It also covers storing containers, startup, and tear-down of workspaces.
For GPU workspaces you will be charged hourly for hours when you've run commands. For example, if you run an hour-and-a-half training from 12-1:30 and then a couple of quick validation commands at 4, you'll be charged for three hours (12pm, 1pm, and 4pm). You can get a full report of your usage by running rx workspace-info and you can always immediately stop a workspace with rx stop.


Private reserved resource pools and integration with on-prem machines are available. Please contact for more info.

Free tier

All users start on the free tier. Once you exhaust your free tier quota, you'll be prompted to run rx subscribe. Once you've subscribed, your work will be moved of off the free tier shared machines to your own private instance.